Car Loan

To purchas New Car/Van/Jeep/Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) or Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)

Old car/van/jeep/MUV/SUV, which are not older than three years. (only for Ambala Central Cooperative Bank Staff)

(a) Confirmed / permanent employees of State/Central Govt. and their Boards/ Corporation/ undertakings;
(b) Businessmen whose taxable income is more than Rs. 4.00 lakh p.a. including depreciation as per latest ITR.

For private use: Individuals.
Joint borrowers are also eligible, i.e., parent(s)/spouse/ Earning Children. However, out of these only one joint borrower shall be permitted. Further, in case of joint borrowers an option be got exercised to specify the name of the applicant borrower in whose name they want to get the vehicle registered.
(i) At the time of processing of loan the borrowers place of posting should be at Distt. Ambala.
(ii) The prospective borrowers post should not be transferable outside Haryana and Chandigarh;
(iii) Those branches whose NPA of previous financial year exceeds to 5% in this segment subsequent sanction of loans by the branch will automatically stand withdrawn only till the NPA percentage improves to below 5%.
(iv) Employees who are placed under suspension are not eligible under the scheme during the period their suspension.
(v) The minimum length of service must be completed of 3 years.
For Eligibility Download the documents in download option